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Hair Loss

Men, as a rule, are no less careful about their appearance than women (although they do it in a slightly different way), so baldness, and even more so early, can be a real blow for them. Meanwhile, even early baldness is not always an indication of pathological changes in the body. In the vast majority of cases there is a so-called androgenic alopecia (about 94-96% of all alopecia cases). In this case it is a completely normal, genetically conditioned phenomenon. The hair follicle, which is responsible for the synthesis of hair fibers and structures, is normally active enough. However, there is a hormone that can inhibit hair follicle activity and, therefore, decrease its functional capabilities. This is a typical male hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Each man has significantly different levels of this substance in the blood, as well as the activity of its secretion. Therefore some men have a chance to keep a thick head of hair without much effort until their old age, while others have a high probability of going bald at an early age (20-30 years). The status of the endocrine system directly depends on the hereditary factor. Therefore, in this case we can talk about physiologically normal hereditary baldness.